Promotional Products
Spice up your marketing and branding.

Sometimes it’s the little promotional efforts that best inspire your target audience. Explore American Ink’s awesome array of affordable promotional products, and go that extra mile.

Put your mark on the material world… and promote yourself.

It’s pretty nifty seeing your emblem on office and kitchen items, isn’t it? At American Ink, a wide selection of promotional items is available upon which to print your logo, name, or product offering. This is great for creating themed or branded materials…such as an attached pen for customers filling out a mailed survey or order form. Or, perhaps you could use a magnet, magnifying glass, water bottle, or other useful items that can double as promo tools. We can work with you to create superb promotional items – fun and functional for your customer base and an endless advertising avenue for the future!

Cause a commotion with perfect promotion.

Get your name out there on as many everyday items as possible, and infuse interest in your endeavor from the people whose interest you need!