Direct Mail

Yes, direct mail still works!

If done correctly by a professional service like American Ink, direct mail still works. Take routine mail pieces such as post cards, flyers, and brochures…and kick it up a notch!

Make the mail matter for your mission.

Sometimes, the older, more tried-and-true marketing methods seem to work wonders even for the most fledgling modern business. By way of creative, eye-catching pieces that are die cut into usual shapes, have the ability to expand into 3D shapes, or have an interesting gimmick attached, let American Ink work with you to create beautifully-designed direct mailings that match your marketing plan.

Connect with your customers directly.

In the internet age, most marketing efforts are directed through online channels, such as a multi-page website, an email blast, or even a blog. But there are still plenty of consumers sorting through their snail mail looking for hand-delivered incentives. Consider all options…

    • Attached promo items

    • Die cut

    • Dimensional mail

    • Combination pieces

    • Mailing services

    • Specialty boxes